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Here is some material available for your learning process:

  • Book: all the lessons are nicely bundled in a book. There are actually three versions of the book available via Amazon:
    • A Kindle edition, really only suitable if you have an actual Kindle device.
    • A black-and-white cheap paper Student edition.
    • A Color edition that is really very helpful in learning the language and referring to the notes later on.
    Do check for the edition that is most suitable to you by going to your favorite Amazon site and searing for: "Elpash" plus "Chechen".
  • Words: There is an Excel with all the words per lesson. Here's the latest file for the Word Theme app.
  • Orthography: This pdf explains the correspondence between the Chechen Cyrillic orthography and the Latin one that is used in e.g. the dictionary app. (If you're interested, this pdf contains the whole chapter on Chechen phonology - preliminary version.)
  • Dictionary
  • Cesar: a web application to browse and search through syntactically annotated texts, including Chechen.
  • Keyboard: Here is the pdf description of an adapted Russian keyboard. This keyboard can be installed by downloading the compressed file, unpacking it into a folder, and then double-clicking the setup.exe file. (You might want to first check it for viruses, since this is an executable.) If setup fails for some reason, it may still be possible to attempt a setup by using one of the three .msi files (only one will be appropriate for your computer).

    Note: you will be asked to confirm this installation as administrator by your computer.


The drawings for each lesson have been kindly provided by a Finnish artist. She made them especially to fit the stories.

The audio recordings have been kindly made available by a few people.

  • Male voice: Ahwmed, Adam, Waelvi
  • Female voice: Dzhamila, Zhannat
Дела реза хуьлда шун!